Flashforge Adventurer 5M 3D Printer

₹ 55,000.00
Adventurer 5M is the perfect assistant for beginners to bring ideas to life and unlock your potential

Colour: White

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  • 【Your Creativity Knows No Bounds】Good Helper for Beginners. Adventurer 5M meets the innovative needs of users with brand-new technology and craftsmanship, whether you are a rookie or an expert. Your originality is unlimited, realize ideas to reality with Adventurer 5M, easy and stress-free.
  • 【Attain a Flawless Printing Experience】The Adventurer 5M features a fully automatic one-click levelling system. It measures the distance from the nozzle to the build plate to determine the correct offsets. No requirement for any levelling tools or manual calibration of the Z-axis. As a result, achieving a flawless first layer becomes a simple and effortless task.
  • 【Core XY All-Metal Motion Structure】The Adventurer 5M employs a new and robust design to ensure fast printing speeds while delivering high-quality output. The stable and smooth motion structure supports stable and low-noise printing in high-speed mode.
  • 【Patent Quick-Detachable Nozzle】Different nozzle diameter options (0.25/0.4/0.6/0.8 mm) are suitable for both high precision and high efficiency modes. Quick change nozzle requires no tools and can be changed in as little as 3 seconds. Easy to maintain nozzle for both the novice and the expert.
  • 【Resume Prints After Outages】If the electricity shuts down, it will save the ongoing layer and resume from that point when the power is restored. The flexible double-sided PEI steel plate make it easy to remove the printed model by bending it. The reverse side is specifically designed for printing with PETG material.